Climb Program

Are you ready to climb beyond perceived limitations to a brand new view of yourself and what is possible in your world?

The T School Climb program is for those who are ready to make a bigger commitment to improving their health and well-being by making lifestyle changes in their nutrition, fitness and self care practices. Climb is an intermediate program, providing more structure and accountability for ascending to a new level of health and vitality at a more steady pace.

Your T School Climb Program includes:

This is a members-only online access to all the resources you need to jump-start your healthy body and live your highest potential. We are constantly adding more to our online resources for your ongoing success.

  • Complete Clean 21 Program including recipes, shopping lists, pantry guide, yes/no food lists, grocery shopping tour video and others.
  • What to do after Clean 21 as well as sample meal plans and recipes
  • Nutrition, Fitness and Practice 101 Guides
  • Do anywhere, anytime online Fitness workouts
  • On-the-go ideas for getting health fats, proteins and carbs in your diet
  • Podcasts with T School doctor, Dr. Alicia Johnson, on Macronutrients, High Intensity Interval Training, benefits of Meditation and others
  • Videos on Nutrition, Fitness and Practice including a complete 10-week online meditation class.
  • Blogs and PDF guides including the link between inflammation and weight gain, how to maximize your workout time, creating a more practice of intention and others.
  • T School recommended resources including cookbooks, fitness and motivational apps, and more.

What is measurable is manageable. These assessments measure your body composition, inches and fitness level before you get started and after you complete your Clean 21. When you work the program you’ll see your progress through measurable results.

Hang with your tribe and get your most important questions answered online LIVE. It’s convenient and fun with weekly Live Stream Q & A,

Get a short message delivered each day to keep you motivated, inspired and on track.

Reset your body for fat loss and more energy by eliminating the sugar, processed foods and fast foods and adding in clean, whole foods. We’ll guide you step-by-step is getting the most results from your Clean 21.

Results come faster with customized and consistent support! One of our trained T School coaches will work one-on-one with you to set goals, track progress, identify and move past road blocks and cheer you on! She’s here to help you stay on track and give you structure, accountability and motivation every step of the way.

Learn from professional Chef and Evolve business owner, Caleb Summers as he shows us how to prepare simple, clean and delicious meals for real life. The next workshop details everything you need to prep your kitchen and pantry for improving your nutritional template with the Power of Three Clean 21 sugar detox.

Get it for only 6 monthly payments of $124.

You may renew and continue your membership anytime.

Optional additions to any program

What is measurable is manageable.  Keep it real with monthly updates on your girth measurements, body composition, cardiovascular and muscular endurance. You may schedule this private assessment around your schedule.

Sign up for a private health and fitness assessment.

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Maximize your results by working with one of our T School Coaches. This may be done in person or remotely. Structure, support and accountability are essential to your success- enlist a Coach to help guarantee results!

  • 4 (29 minute) Private Health Coaching sessions for $192

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  • 4 (50 Minute) Private Health Coaching Sessions for $280

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We know from years of experience that no matter how hard we try, sometimes unknown factors are keeping us from losing fat and having more energy. Hormones, stress and nutrient levels can all affect results. Our licensed T School doctor will look at your body chemistry and identify what imbalances (if any) need to be addressed to help you more easily reach your goals. That’s why we’re offering a limited number Blood Work Analysis reports for T School participants. You will receive a personal report reviewed by a doctor with suggestions for improving results over time. This is a review only and not a substitute for a doctors consult or visit.

  • Basic Level Blood Analysis  – This test includes a full thyroid analysis, very specialized glucose, cholesterol, and stress hormone testing. (thyroid glycation gap, leptin, insulin, LDL P / HDL, cortisol) Participants receive a physician review and explanation of lab results that include the top 3 recommended treatments, dietary customizations, and recommended next steps from Dr. Johnson.  
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  • Platinum Level Blood Analysis  – This comprehensive blood panel includes testing the markers that impact weight loss – hormones, thyroid, metabolic markers, as well as fatty acid intake analysis that can identify markers for appetite control, susceptibility to inflammation, cardiovascular risks and show areas for improvement in diet; vitamin tests; and genetic testing to identify predispositions to health problems and simple nutritional interventions to help with success. Participants receive a physician review and explanation of lab results that include the top 4 recommended treatments, dietary customizations, and recommended next steps from Dr. Johnson.

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Unlimited Class Packages

Unlimited Mat/Basic Classes per month $129