tschool events

NEW 6 Part Wednesday Night Meditation Series

Join Mindful Sherpa Suba Nadarajah as she continues her Meditation Practice series at Pilates 1901.  This six-part session will focus on the power of being present in your daily life...

 6:00 pm
 May 10, 2017
 1901 West 43rd Ave Kansas City Ks 66103

Group Assessments by Appointment

We're KEEPING IT REAL with our monthly health and fitness assessments!   Because what is measurable is manageable, you can take the challenge to track your progress each month. Assessments...

 10:00 am
 May 20, 2017
 1901 West 43rd Ave Kansas City Ks 66103

Summer T School Detox Workshop

Join Dr Alicia Johnson, ND and Health Coach Tricia Collins, RN as they discuss the benefits of doing a liver detox on Saturday, June 3rd at 12:00 pm. Why? Because next...

 12:00 pm
 June 3, 2017
 1901 West 43rd Avenue Kansas City, Ks 66103