Tina T School Founder

Tina Sprinkle

The Founder

cairn pic tina 1I created T School because I wanted to help my clients by-pass some of the mistakes I’ve made in my own life.

What changed my ability to transform my life and health was a shift in my approach to all three areas of my health: nutrition, fitness and mindful practice.

Once I discovered the power of eating clean, unprocessed foods, moving with the right intensity, and creating a morning practice to support my daily intentions, my life took on an ease and joy I previously could not have imagined. Not only did my body and health improve- but my entire world opened up.

My life’s passion and purpose is to provide the support, tools and guidance needed to help others navigate their own positive life transformation.

When I’m climbing or hiking, I’m always grateful for the cairns, (rock piles) left by other hikers to help me find the my way upward.

Think of T School as your guiding light, helping you discover your own path to living your best life, your healthiest life.

Do it with me, because together, we are stronger.