Summit Program

Are you tired of all the diet starts and stops and ready to lose the weight for good?

  • You’ve tried to lose fat, get in shape and eat clean on your own without lasting success

  • Keep bumping up against road blocks and overwhelmed by the how-to’s

  • You want customized support to address your unique concerns and goals.

  • You’re fully committed and ready to get started now.

The T School Summit program is for those who are seriously ready to take charge of their health and put an end to the roller coaster of stops and starts. This comprehensive program provides all the education, personalized attention, goal accountability, motivation and guidance you need to turn those dreams of reaching your personal summit into reality.

This program gives you a solid foundation for learning to eat clean, exercise for results, and develop healthy habits you will build on for a lifetime of health! There is no limit to your success because you can get out of this what you put in. The Summit program is our most structured and personalized program to help you live your highest potential in every area of life. The pace is intense and worth every bit of effort when you reach your summit!

Are you ready? We are ready for you!  Let’s get to that Summit together!

Your T School Summit Program includes:

This is a members-only online access to all the resources you need to jumpstart your healthy body and live your highest potential. We are constantly adding more to our online resources for your ongoing success.


  • Complete Clean 21 Program including recipes, shopping lists, pantry guide, yes/no food lists, grocery shopping tour video and others.
  • What to do after Clean 21 as well as sample meal plans and recipes
  • Nutrition, Fitness and Practice 101 Guides
  • Do anywhere, anytime online Fitness workouts
  • On-the-go ideas for getting health fats, proteins and carbs in your diet
  • Podcasts with T School doctor, Dr. Alicia Johnson, on Macronutrients, High Intensity Interval Training, benefits of Meditation and others
  • Videos on Nutrition, Fitness and Practice including a complete 10-week online meditation class.
  • Blogs and PDF guides including the link between inflammation and weight gain, how to maximize your workout time, creating a more practice of intention and others.
  • T School recommended resources including cookbooks, fitness and motivational apps, and more.

Reset your body for fat loss and more energy by eliminating the sugar, processed foods and fast foods and adding in clean, whole foods. We’ll guide you step-by-step is getting the most results from your Clean 21.

Join us during prep week as we get detailed about everything you need to prep your kitchen and pantry for improving your nutritional template with Clean 21 Sugar Detox.  Knowing WHY you are eating clean is MANDATORY.  Bring your questions and concerns! 

Mindfulness is a practice that is critical to your long term success.  That’s why practice is one of the three triads of T School.  Join Coach Subashini Nadarajah for Sunday morning meditation with a very special T School Mindfulness Workshop to follow.


What is measurable is manageable. These assessments measure your body composition, inches and fitness level before you get started and after you complete your Clean 21.

All stats and progress pictures are stored online in your private assessment profile- complete with printable progress graphs.  

When you work the program you’ll see your progress through measurable results.

Results come faster with customized and consistent support! Work with a trainer one-on-one with you to set goals, track progress, identify and move past roadblocks and cheer you on! We’re here to help you stay on track and give you structure, accountability and motivation every step of the way. Includes 1 50-minute session and (2) 30-minute follow-up sessions.

Hang with your tribe and get your most important questions answered online. One of the most powerful aspects of T School is the community!  Harness all the power and support from this awesome private FB group.  This is the best way to use your screen time- to give and receive support!

Get a short message delivered each day to keep you motivated, inspired and on track.

Our T School emails are helpful and worth opening!


This exclusive purse size journal is unique to T School, specifically designed to help you track your progress through each step of the program to motivate you in harnessing the Power of Three: nutrition, fitness and practice.

Research shows that people who keep a journal have twice the positive results as those who do not.  Keep it real and present with your T School journal!

Wear your T School T Shirt proudly as a  public declaration of your commitment to your health goals and to T School.  It’s also cute as hell!

Be the first to be able to register for upcoming T School Retreats.  Past retreats include Santa Fe, NM, Ambergris Caye in Belize and Timber Creek Retreat House just one hour south of the city.

Upcoming retreats slated for The Grand Cayman and Crested Butte, Co.

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What you can expect from completing the Summit Program

In a word. Results. No one can take the steps to the top of that Summit but you! You have to want to make that commitment and climb for yourself.  The bottom line is that T School works when you work it.  AND we’ll do everything we can to lead you with the structure, accountability, and ongoing support you will need to get the results that you desire- the results that you deserve.

The Summit Program is just $287. 


Coaching sessions must be used within 3 months.

Optional additions to any program

What is measurable is manageable.  Keep it real with monthly updates on your girth measurements, body composition, cardiovascular and muscular endurance. You may schedule this private assessment around your schedule.

Sign up for a private health and fitness assessment.

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Maximize your results by working with one of our T School Coaches. This may be done in person or remotely. Structure, support and accountability are essential to your success- enlist a Coach to help guarantee results!

  • 3 (30 minute) Private Health Coaching sessions for $137

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  • 3 (50 Minute) Private Health Coaching Sessions for $217

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(15) Small Group Training Workouts @ Pilates 1901.  Just $199  (expires in 3 months)

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