Program FAQ

We all know WHAT to do, but having the support and accountability of others in FOLLOWING through with the actions that help us stay on track is critical for our success. The Power of Three is our detailed plan for addressing your transformation in nutrition, fitness, positive mindset and goal setting. It’s the foundation of T School and the core of every program level.

True transformation requires we take inventory and address our choices surrounding food, movement and lifestyle habits. T School is a cornerstone program with three levels to provide the structure, resources and tools to make the changes necessary to improve the way we eat, workout and think about our daily choices.

Each program is 3 months long, offered two to three times a year and includes a 3-week Clean 21 sugar detox, prep week for Clean 21 sugar detox, comprehensive T School Power of Three Online and the support of our amazing community in our T School Private Facebook Group. (and more!)

The reason we offer T School in three different program levels is because we know not everyone is at the same place at the same time in their health journeys. Our Hike, Climb and Summit programs offer tools at varying levels (and pricing) to fit your current focus, goals and needs.

Learn more about our basic HIKE Program.

Learn more about our intermediate CLIMB Program.

Learn more about our intensive SUMMIT Program.

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This comprehensive program provides everything you need to succeed at building a foundation to lose fat and create a healthy, sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

This 3 month program includes membership access to our T School online site and private Facebook community, three health assessments, (3) T School Workshops, (3) private health coaching sessions for personal accountability and your very own T School t-shirt and purse-sized food journal.

All three programs start at the same time and closed to enrollment once programs begin because we all participate in the Clean 21 sugar detox together! You may still purchase private coaching, assessment updates and small group training and separately if you would like to create your own T School template.  Our next group T School program begins Saturday, September 28th, 2019.  

We recommend purchasing T School HIKE Program. We also advise working remotely with one of our T School coaches for support as well as hiring a trainer in your home town.  This way you will have someone to hold you accountable, update your measurments and push you in your workouts. All resources, community support and online workouts are available for anyone to do anywhere in the world! We are literally a text or facetime call away.

Yes. The Clean 21 nutrition template is designed to be a sustainable dietary lifestyle. While is this possible, we understand that sometimes this is not realistic or necessary for the majority of people to eat 100% clean all the time. That’s why we teach our clients how to find balance in determining their personal clean eating template while continuing to lose fat, heal their metabolism and feel great..  

Specific recommendations for you and your particular challenges may be addressed in your personal coaching sessions. General guidelines and recommendations are available via our T School Workshops, online resources and FB Live Stream presentations.

To receive the greatest benefit from T School wherever you live, we encourage participants to take Pilates and HIIT classes in their community. We also offer Pilates and HIIT workout videos via our T School Online membership site. For people who live in Kansas City, Pilates 1901 small group sessions are available and sold separately via the Pilates 1901 website.

No, you do not. T School is open to all.

You may purchase a private assessment appointment anytime for $25 if you miss any group assessment date.

Specific recommendations for your personal fitness program is something you would want to discuss in your one on one coaching sessions, but general guidelines (Fitness 101) are covered in our T School workshops and are part of all our online membership programs.