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Dr Alicia Johnson

Position:Program Advisor
I got involved in T School because I have a passion for getting to know my clients and work together with them to address even the most complicated health issues. In my practice, I see effective long term weight loss when the mindset changes first. T School is the only program I have seen that spends an appropriate amount of time on mindset and learning in addition to teaching long term diet change based on real food choices and recommending exercise that yields visible results without causing stress or injury.

It is a pleasure for me to help educate members of this program because I know that those who follow it can change their lives from the inside out. I know they will see improvements in the mirror because they are healthier not hungrier.

I know that the coaches involved are highly dedicated and well informed, so people are getting good one on one care if they need it. To help track results and look for any metabolic problems, I supervise lab testing. This way we can track more than what is on the scale and recommend further medical supervision when needed. Usually when someone is doing everything right and nothing works, something is wrong. Using detailed testing, we can catch many of those problems.

I am excited to participate in a program whose leaders always put quality first while constantly adding new health benefits to participants.
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