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Share the Benefits of Meditation with us

Perhaps you’ve already made steps toward a healthier you by turning to our T School program for getting your diet and fitness in line. Another great long-term change that helps your body is the practice of meditation. Meditation has been studied for thousands of years by many different cultures and provides a wide range of benefits. Meditation is very popular because

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The Dangerous Effects of Sugar

You’ve heard it over and over: Sugar is bad for you. The more you have of it, the more you crave it.   More than likely, the images that this statement conjures up include ice cream cones, candy bars and powdered donuts.  But sugar is far more deceptive than to just find it’s way into your favorite sweet treat. As

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Your Year End Review Worksheet

Tamie Rising, a professional development coach and presenter for T School shared some questions she asks herself each year around December 31. For over a decade now, she’s taken some quiet time to ask herself some version of these questions. Questions can help each of us take a huge step back and reflect on the last 365 days, celebrate

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