Past Retreats

Past T School Retreats…

What our participants say…


  • “Our sessions were life-changing. I met people I will know forever.” – Joyce P
  • “The vibe allowed all of us to be in our individual space, but learn from one another and move forward with intention infused with joy.” – Ella M.
  • “I loved the Chinese Medicine, Yoga Puncture, and Patty’s fabulous food. It wasn’t my first time or my last.” – Dr. Laurie E.
  • “My mind and body are very thankful. I feel rested, refreshed, and inspired to implement what I have learned.” – Anita K.
  • “My time was truly transformative. It was just what I needed after a difficult two years. – Leslie Y.
  • “These retreats keep me sane and centered. I have been many times and will go many times more. I tell my patients to go, go, go! –
    Dr. Crystin W.
  • “I highly recommend a retreat at Timber Creek. It’s close enough to be practical, but a world away.” – Dr. Suzanne R.
  • “Life-changing.” – Cathie C.

Let go of old habits and thinking that are stopping you from being your best self!

Because Transformation at any age is absolutely possible!

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Past Retreats

Grand Cayman February 2020

Timbercreek Retreat House  Fall 2019


Ambergris Cay, Belize  February 2018


Santa Fe, New Meixco  June  2018


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